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This Week in #Health #Tech #Design Issue 29


Calamine Design

December 16 · Issue #29 · View online

This Week in #Health #Tech #Design by @CalamineDesign - Daylighting the most intriguing news, tools and resources for startups and product designers in healthcare.

If you read Malcolm Gladwell’s, The Tipping Point, you too were probably inspired by how little things can make a big difference. Like how a spark leads to a flame that can become a conflagration.  Well this week, I’m happy to report, we have FHIR!  
And it’s not just the fact that the ONC was able to demo this long awaited tech, we also have data from our friends at Rock Health to suggest we’ve reached a significant milestone on path towards the tipping point in consumer health. So if we’re on the cusp of a digital health tipping point, by Gladwell’s reasoning 3 things need to be in place:
1. The Law of the Few, which means 20% of the participants are actually effecting this change. 
2. The Power of Context, which we can relate to the convergence of empowered patient and near ubiquitous connectivity. 
3. The Stickiness Factor, the specific content of a message that renders its impact memorable.
That’s the beauty of this point in history, 2 of the 3 factors are in place, it’s up to you to provide the 3rd. Here’s to Stickiness!

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