This Week in #Health #Tech #Design - Issue #36

Hey there stranger! Yep that's our fault, we have been M.I.A. lately. Responding to and helping new c

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April 7 · Issue #36 · View online
This Week in #Health #Tech #Design by @CalamineDesign - Daylighting the most intriguing news, tools and resources for startups and product designers in healthcare.

Hey there stranger! Yep that’s our fault, we have been M.I.A. lately. Responding to and helping new clients, traveling a bit to attend some awesome events and just overall taking some time to grow the team and maybe work on a few new projects.  But don’t worry, still in healthcare and still innovating as usual.
Hope you enjoy this issue. This week, #News speaks to just how diverse our developments in healthcare can be. We also highlight some amazing #Inspirations to make you think twice about what you are building and of course #Resources is hopefully helping companies of many sizes accomplish many things.
Looking forward to talking more often! 

Q1 2017: Business as Usual for Digital Health
Elon Musk Launches Neuralink, a Venture to Merge the Human Brain with AI
HHS Wants More Blockchain In Health Records—Eventually
Did Snapchat Succeed Because of its Controversial UI?
3 Trends in Landing Page Design
A Gentle Introduction to Healthcare Integration with Redox
Here is ProtoPie! - A Windows, Prototyping Tool
How to Really Understand your Users’ Motivations
Introducing Nothing - Smartphone App from The Minimalists
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