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This Week in #Health #Tech #Design - Issue #38


Calamine Design

May 19 · Issue #38 · View online

This Week in #Health #Tech #Design by @CalamineDesign - Daylighting the most intriguing news, tools and resources for startups and product designers in healthcare.

I just performed the first steps in a gene-editing experiment!  No, I haven’t magically turned into a genetic engineering wizard, I did however, use Synthego’s new CRISPR Knockout Guide Designer to 1) Identify the genome and gene I want to target, 2) Receive a recommendation on the piece of RNA I would need and 3) placed the order (in my cart) that would allow me to perform the actual experiment.  If all that doesn’t make sense no worries I had to read this article like 5 times. Just know that this is a huge leap in the gene-editing space and represents a Bessemer-esque improvement to today’s research and experimentation capabilities in genetics. 
It’s been a busy few weeks, so apologies for leaving you hanging, but seriously, what is going on! Self-proclaimed healthcare disruptor Athena Health is being disrupted a bit, fake med-devices dupe hackers and we found some sweet resources to get your creative juices flowing.
Happy reading!

Just about to order some high efficiency synthetic sgRNA. You know, no big deal.
Just about to order some high efficiency synthetic sgRNA. You know, no big deal.
Synthego’s Genetic Toolkit Aims to Make CRISPR More Accessible
Activist Investor Takes Aim at Athenahealth
Honeypot Exercise Offers Rare Glimpse of Hackers in the Wild
Apple’s New Campus: An Exclusive Look Inside the Mothership
UI Interactions of the Week #74
30 Free Sketch Plugins to Grab Right Now
AppSight Reveals Tech Stacks Behind iOS Apps
The #Hashtag: An Oral History
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